There is a modem or telephone line problem

The web page you have requested can’t be contacted, because your computer is not connected to a telephone line, or there is a problem with your modem or with the telephone line.

To solve this, try these steps (you may want to write these steps down or print this page):

1. Make sure your computer is connected to the telephone line.

2. Make sure your modem is still connected to your ISP. Try clicking “Reload” in the "View" menu, so the computer connects to the Internet again.

3. If you are connected but you still receive this message, exit Ensemble, turn the computer off, wait for a second, and then turn the computer on again.

4. While the computer is restarting, check the telephone line with a regular telephone to make sure it is still working properly. If you can hear a dial tone and dial a number, it is working correctly.

5. After the computer starts up, try connecting to the Internet again using WebMagick.